Root Family

Root Family

Aug 20, 2005

Nebo Loop Aug. 2005

After having visited this area last month we decided we wanted to do a quick get away back up to camp along the Nebo loop again. We headed on up on Saturday morning and found a campsite relatively close to where we camped last time. As we drove in we saw a LARGE group of camping trailers 1/2 mile or so up from us, lots of "cowboy" types with horses and LOTS of kids running around. We figured we were far enough away to not be bothered by them, but we didn't realize until much later it was a big mistake.

We set up camp and just kind of hung around. We didn't really have an agenda for this trip as I had always grown up knowing camping as "hanging around close to the campsite". Alene got a little agitated sitting around so she took her bike and went for a nice long ride along the highway. April and Bill showed up a bit later to hang out for dinner and get some tent time as well. I also had a couple of my brothers (Russ and Jeff) and my sister Amanda and her husband Brock on the trip as well. We hung around the campfire talking about Star Wars for what seemed forever and as we went to bed, that's when the fun began.

The Cowboys up the way had been literally yipping and yapping all night and we figured by bed time it would stop, but it didn't. Around 11pm or so when we all went to bed we could still hear them around their campfire going "yip! yip! yip! yap! yip!". It was the weirdest thing, but mostly annoying. Finally as Bill climbed out of his tent and in the direction of the cowboys he yelled, "SHUT THE F*** UP!!!". It became dead silent, then about 20 seconds later we heard one more "Yip!", then nothing else. Weird.

On Sunday morning Bill and April headed back home and we all decided to drive down the Scenic byway to check it out. We stopped and saw the Devils Kitchen, which is a VERY miniature version of Bryce canyon (like 3 spires). We then pulled off and hiked a small section of the Mt Nebo trail for a bit until we got tired and turned around (I think only Alene was interested in actually doing the summit hike). Somewhat uneventful, but it was nice to get away.

Our campsite

Stoping off at the Nebo scenic view

Devils Kitchen

Hiking on the un-known side trail off the highway

Jeff was ready to survive on nature if he had to

Amanda and brock and our nephew Wes (he and Jeff joined the same tribe)

Russ (love his shirt "Democracy: We Deliver")

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