Root Family

Root Family

Jun 5, 2008

My first downhill bike

My Bike

After a few seasons of riding an old Iron Horse hard tail bike that Bill generously sold to me for $50, I've finally been able to upgrade to a REAL bike. It's not the most innovative, but it will do for me what I need it to do. I'm not a hard-core down-hiller. You won't see me bombing down hills at 50mph or jumping off 15' cliffs, but I like to challenge myself when I have time. This bike will do it for me.

When I first saw it was a Diamondback, I thought: Crap. I used to LOVE Diamondback BMX bikes back when I was a teenager and they were a hot bike to have, but I had noticed that they're sold in regular sporting goods stores, which typically don't carry the high-end bikes. However, I soon learned that they make a high-end bike and a lower-end bike, so I was stoked.

I asked Bill, what he thought of it. He said as long as the forks are good and there are no cracks in the frame, that it would be a good bike. The kid selling it was in St. George, but I arranged for his parents to bring it up when they were stopping through on a trip to Idaho. I inspected it and rode it a bit and it was great. The kid originally paid $1500 for it 2 years ago and I got it for less than half of that, so it's a great deal.

Now I just need to find the time to get out and justify riding it.

Anyone looking to buy an old hard-tail Iron Horse mountain bike? I'll make you a good deal :-).


Summit42 said...

When are you going to ride it...?
Oh.. I am out for the 19th sorry.

Tyler said...

As soon as I'm feeling better. I've been dead the past couple of days...