Root Family

Root Family

Mar 22, 2009

Arches: Day 2

On our last day in Moab we were a little beat (OK, well Alene had more right to complain as she was the one that ran 5 miles the day before; but I am out of shape) so we met up with April and Bill at Arches National park. We decided to hike the famous “Delicate Arch”, despite how much we dislike the crowds. Doing this 3 mile RT hike reminded me why I am not fond on the “easy-to-reach” national parks. This place was PACKED with people (as it was when we did it 3 years ago; I guess I just forgot how many people would be up there).

Still, the landscape is beautiful and I was actually able to get a shot of Delicate Arch with nobody standing under or near it. When we first arrived to the arch a girl dropped her digital camera, which slowly (and I’m sure painfully) worked it’s way down the bowl just below delicate arch. It was retrievable, but I’m assuming ruined. The entire crowd there all did the painful (awe) as it tumbled down the bowl. It was kind of funny because it seemed to have taken FOREVER to get down to the bottom, slowly rolling, then picking up speed, the slowly rolling again.

This was our second time to this arch and the last time we went it was REALLY windy. This time was no different. I wondered if it was always windy up there or if we just had bad luck on picking a day to do it? On our way home, the whole way, we were faced with serious dust storms and wind gusts, so I’m assuming we picked a bad day (twice). Anyone else have the same experience?

Here are pictures from the hike up (and one video):

Daddy and Bailey are ready to go


Going up. Click on the picture and enlarge it to see the tiny ant-like dots on the sandstone mountain. The ant-like dots are people going up in hoards.


Closer shot of all the people going up


Getting closer


Finally there! I was surprised to snap this quick picture with nobody under or near it. An older dude had just barely stepped out of frame when I snapped it (another group of people were getting ready to go stand under it)


Daddy and Bailey. Bailey just woke up, so she was confused. That bowl in front of me is where that girl's camera went tumbling down.


Bailey and Mommy


Bailey's solo shot in front of Delicate Arch


Video up at Delicate Arch. I was NOT trying to film the dude in front of the camera, even though it looks like I was

Time to head back down. I tried my best to keep Bailey entertained by feeding her half a banana on the way down


When your arms are pasty white, never pull your long sleeve shirt up halfway when hiking


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