Root Family

Root Family

Jul 5, 2009

Silver Lake

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On Friday I took the day off from work to do a hike with the family and Alene's sister, April, and her kids. We endedp hiking up to Silver Lake. Now, I know there a million Silver Lakes in Utah, so to avoid any confusion, this one is located up American Fork canyon.

You start off by making your way up to Tibble Fork reservoir, then you keep driving on the switch-back road (still paved) beyond Tibble Fork. After a few miles there is a dirt road that veers off to the right (right before the Granite flat campground), and you follow that dirt road for 6 miles or so up to Silver Flat reservoir. From there the trailhead starts and you work your way up the mountain. It's a 5 mile hike round trip, but doable for families. I'd HIGHLY suggest not bringing your jog stroller on this path like a family we saw attempting to do. There are a couple of stream crossings, one of which requires rock-hopping. As you get closer to the top, it gets a bit more grueling, but it really isn't a bad hike. If you're out of shape (like me) you'll feel it when you get up there and the next day for sure.

Here are some pictures and video clips of this hike:

Heading up


A few of the 3-4 streams you cross


Bailey knows how to hike in style


Caiden's getting so big


This tree has been expecting me.....


Blue bells (lick on the large version of the picture to see the details of the inside of the flowers)



As we got closer, we could see two waterfalls cascading down from Silver Lake


Looking back down toward AF Canyon with Timp on the Right side of the picture


Finally at the lake. There were about 5-6 other groups of people up there too.


Bailey with her mommy


Bailey with her brother


The family


Bailey LOVED splashing her feet in the water


Video of the entire lake

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Jen B. said...

Looks like a fun hike. Cute pics of the family.