Root Family

Root Family

Jun 23, 2010

California Trip: Day 4/5

No pictures for day 4. It was mostly a sleep in and relax day. We went to the gym and played basketball for a while (Roman and I even joined in on a game of 4-on-4 against some young bucks and held our own). We swam, then more relaxing.

On Monday Caiden and I headed out that morning and said goodbye to our friends. It was a good trip and a much needed in that Roman and I have not seen each other for 5 years. I really hope we can get our families together more often, but it's understandable how getting together can become more complicated due to jobs, family schedules, etc. Thank you so much Bestsy and Roman, for hosting us and letting us crash your house. It was so nice to get to know your children and hang out with you all.

On our way home I took Caiden on a tour of the places I grew up with. He was interested at first, but I'm sure it became boring to him

We first stopped by my old high school. I showed him the football field, which I was surprised to see how much had changed. They have field turf and an all-weather track.





I showed Caiden my last name, which is inscribed on the discus throwing practice ring area


I took pictures of the 3 locations that my parents used to have used car dealerships




Downtown Eldorado (my hometown) and the famous "Poor Reds"


Our old houses




We drove old Hwy 50 back to catch up with I-80. Along the way we stopped and took a picture of the American River. It was flowing pretty fast


The high sierras


Lake Tahoe


The drive across Nevada was very un-eventful. When we hit the Bonneville Salt Flats, we decided to get out and take a few sunset pictures







It was a good trip over-all. One thing that I was surprised to notice was how small everything felt. I remember feeling like the drive from Auburn to P-ville taking FOREVER, when it was really only about 30 minutes. I also remember Hwy 50 feeling like a HUGE freeway, now it seems like a small highway. I remember feeling like the drive from Sacramento to Placerville taking FOREVER, now it was a quick little trip up into the foothills. Just a weird observation for me.

It was nice to get back to see Alene and Bailey. I had really missed them so much and I hope that next time we take a trip like this, we can do it together.

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