Root Family

Root Family

Mar 30, 2012

Boulder Mail trail to Sand Creek March 2012

This was a trip we had originally intended to be at Capitol Reef to hike Spring Canyon, but the Rangers there were paranoid and talked us out of doing it. We headed further south across Boulder Mountain and opted to hike the Boulder Mail trail down into Sand Creek.

The Boulder Mail trail begins just outside of Boulder, UT next to the the rudimentary airplane landing strip they have bulldozed there. It starts off on a high desert plain with low-growth pine and desert brush, then descends into the sand creek area, which is comprised of bigger trees and a lot of slick rock. We opted to camp in the sand creek area just because we only had one night, but the trail continues up and over another ridge and drops down into Death Hollow, which is something I hope to be able to do someday and a beautiful canyon from all reports I've seen.

The hike in and back was about 9 miles, plus we did a mile or so of exploring around the area, so we logged 10 miles in. I didn't sleep very comfortable on either of the nights as told in my gear review on my my new sleeping bag. I'll have to keep an eye out on a good deal on a better bag.

Here is a video I made about the trip with my new GoPro2. A little rough, but hoping to make something better in the future.

Here is Nick's Trip Report with a lot of great pictures. Sand Creek

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