Root Family

Root Family

Sep 8, 2009

Farmington Canyon

Alene and I were hoping for a big hike on Labor day, but we failed to plan on finding a baby sitter (which would have been hard anyway) and since Alene is taking this weekend to do a backpacking trip with her sister April, we decided to do a smaller hike with Bailey (Caiden was at his mom's).

Alene found a nice little hike up Farmington Canyon at the Sunset campground. I had no idea this canyon existed and went back as far as it did. The road that takes you up the canyon actually goes up into some beautiful country and you can take it all the way into Bountiful. I was a little disturbed by all the OHV's, but they have the right to be up here too I guess. The campground (Sunset Campground) was about 5 miles up the canyon and it had a small, almost un-noticible trail leading down into the canyon bottom.

The trail didn't look very heavily traveled as the brush around it was very narrow in some spots. The campground also had about 10-15 spots, but only one person still set up for camp that day.

We hiked down about 5-10 minutes to the canyon floor. On our way down we passed a father/daughter that had been doing some geocaching and found an old abandoned gold mine. We tried to find it when we got down there, but had no luck. The creek that runs along the bottom is beautiful. As we worked our way down stream we came across a family that had backpacked down there and set up camp along the creek. We also worked our way down to a small area that bailey could play in the water. Just below that was a nice little water fall. Getting to the bottom of the waterfall was doable, but not with a baby (too steep). Bailey had a blast getting wet and soaking her face in the peach we brought for her to eat.

It was a nice little hike. Someday I'd like to go back and explore the rest of this area. I'm told there are some beautiful lakes along the way as the road brings you back to Bountiful.

Here are some pictures and video:

Mommy and Bailey all ready to go


The skinny trail


Awesome view of the Great Salt Lake


Our first sign of water


An old wrecked car. It must have been rolled down to this spot. Pretty amazing how far it must have gone


The waterfall from a distance


The only way down to the base of the waterfall


Bailey loved dipping her feet in the water


She also loved finding rocks at the bottom of the creek


Looking down from the top of the waterfall


Bailey enjoying her peach


A pool in the creek


Another picture of the Great Salt Lake from Farmington Canyon


Bailey rode home with only her diaper on as she soaked her clothes with creek water and Peach juice


She also got tickeld a lot


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