Root Family

Root Family

Jun 30, 2012

Mountain Biking - Alta Lakes, CO - June 2012

I had a great opportunity on a work trip to ride with a local in Telluride who, like me, happened to also have a heavy downhill bike. The last time I had come to Telluride for work I took advantage of the FREE gondola ride up to the top of the Mountain Village ski resort and the FREE downhill course the city subsidizes. I had a blast.

On this particular visit the day was ending and a co-worker mentioned to me that anther employee there rides a lot and he introduced me to Erik. Erik was stoked to talk biking and suggested instead of doing the downhill course, that he and take both of our vehicles out up higher in the mountains and ride some single track that is insane and fun, plus there are no other people out there. We drove about 20 minutes out of town, set one vehicle at the bottom of the mountain, then drove a dirt road up to the Alta Lakes trailhead. The road crosses a few old mining ghost towns and ends at one major mining junction. From there we took off through the forest and found our way down the mountain.

We decided to hit another section further down the mountain which also consisted of setting another shuttle vehicle, but this one was well worth it. Very skinny sections and my first crash (minor). I had a blast.

Here is the video of my ride down.

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