Root Family

Root Family

Jun 9, 2012

Settlement Canyon rappelling

Caiden had been "kind of" rappelling a couple of years ago, but it was more of a steep hill than actual vertical face. We went on a one-night camping trip at our Church's annual Father's and Son's campout and I brought along our small rope and harness just in case we found a face to practice on. Settlement canyon was really pretty, but there were no rocks to be found except for this small 10' or so rock face hidden inside the trees. We rigged up the rope and I had Caiden practice a bit on the return hill before he felt comfortable. Eventually he faced his fears and went over the vertical face.

I hope all of my kids will be willing to face their fears and make sure they're calculated decisions (safety first, always thinking out what they're doing). I was proud of Caiden for doing this and hope as he gets older he can join Alene and I on some trips that require rappelling. 

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