Root Family

Root Family

Apr 22, 2013

San Rafael Swell - Boy Scout camping trip - April 2013

I had the opportunity to tag along with my son's scout troop and his leaders on a trip to the San Rafael Swell over a weekend. Being that I had the most experience in the area I volunteered to take them on a small tour of the area.

We met up Friday afternoon and set up camp in South Temple wash. Saturday morning we started off by hiking Little Wild Horse canyon, which gets a lot of visitors because of the ease of going through such a beautiful little canyon. We worked our way all the way to the back of the canyon at the Behind the Reef road, then turned around and walked back out the canyon.

We then made a quick stop at Goblin valley and let the boys run around for a bit, followed by heading back to break down camp, then teaching them all a lesson on rappelling on a short little 20' slab of rock across the road from our campsite.

It was a fun trip and so nice to see everyone getting out to see a type of the outdoors they normally don't get to see.

At the trailhead to Little Wild Horse Canyon

Hiking into the canyon

Narrow section

Dexter and Debra were so awesome

Getting behind the reef

Behind the Reef road

Andy and Bryce having a good time

Cool narrows

Matthew working his way back down the narrows

Caiden and Alma goofing off in the canyon

Rappelling practice next to camp

Apr 7, 2013

Goblin's Lair - April 2013

During our spring break trip with the kids, Bill, Bill's sister Whitney, and I all too a quick jaunt over to the cave at the back of Goblin Valley to do a nice little 80' rappel into the deep chamber. We checked out our free permit and headed toward the back. The rappel is mostly free-hanging and ends in this giant open cave with several holes in the top. It's such a beautiful site to see.