Root Family

Root Family

May 19, 2013

Monroe Hot Springs - May 2013

After our little visit to Zion for some Canyoneering in Fat Man's Misery, and Keyhole Canyon, we spent our last night soaking our sore muscles up at the Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe, UT.

This place is so creatively put together. Long ago it was an established public pool of some sort, but it's now decaying and falling apart, however the owner came in and purchased it and decided to do things his way by utilizing the hot water for all types of pools, clawfoot tubs, even geothermal heating and greenhouse. It looks kind of dumpy with a lot of old trash around, etc. but it's worth the visit.

We opted to stay overnight in one of their buses converted into a bedroom. It was really nice being able to soak, then shower, then head into town at a REALLY good (but expensive) restaurant called the Sagebrush Grill. The cut of steak I ordered was cooked perfectly and Alene loved her pasta dish. It was a perfect ending to our anniversary trip.

Our room for the night

The inside of the bus

At the hot springs

The clawfoot tubs. The owner trenched hot spring water into each tub

Hanging out in the tub

Cool sky reflection

The Sagebrush Grill (highly recommended)