Root Family

Root Family

Oct 13, 2014

Pete's Rock - October 2014

With Alene and Laurie's up-coming trip to Zion to do a little canyoneering, we decided to brush Laurie up on her rappelling skills so they were better prepared. We brought our ropes and the kids along and spent a few hours on a Sunday evening rappelling off the rock. I even took a little time to practice using a prusik knot to use as an auto block and had great success using it. Pete's rock provides a good 100' + rappel opportunity, however I think I'm going to pass on doing it at this place any more because the jagged edges of the rocks put too much wear on my rope. 

Laurie, with Salt Lake city behind her

Bailey had practiced a little rappelling on a 45 degree slab on the back face of the rock and Waylon begged to "walk down the rock backward", so we rigged him up in her harness

Laurie was there to catch him at the bottom

Alene took some cute pictures of the kids up above Pete's Rock on the Mount Olympus trail