Root Family

Root Family

Nov 7, 2008

Went to take pictures at the Great Salt Lake today

It's been a while since I've written anything here, and even though I didn't really do anything hard-core outdoorsy, I still wanted to post about an hour trip I took with Bill and Clint out to the Great Salt Lake to take some pictures with my new camera. With how busy I've been with football and finishing the basement, it was really nice to be able to get out and just do something relaxing.

Here are some pictures I took (you can click on them to take you to the picture page where you can select a larger size from there):

Lanik on the brick shoe

Debris meet the seas

Rock Throwing

Me & Caiden

Broken glass


Caiden in a doorway


It was a ton of fun. I'll never consider myself a "photographer", but I like to take pictures and see if I can get lucky enough to capture something cool.

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