Root Family

Root Family

Dec 12, 2014

Canyoneering Zion October 2014 Part 3 Kanarra Creek

Okay so Kanarra Creek isn't in Zion National Park, but it is just north of there and we were able to stop and hike back on our way home that Sunday.

Neither Laurie or I had been there before and it seems like everyone in Utah has, or it has somehow just gotten really popular the last few years?  Anyway we wanted to check it out.

This was our most crowded hike, lots of hikers and families but it didn't take away from the experience.  It's popular because it's fairly accessible, no permits needed, not a long hike, just a few hours, it's close off the freeway and number one, very very beautiful!

We hiked into the canyon and were immediately stoking on the tall walls and narrow pathway the water came through.  I really can't wait to take my kids here next year!

After the first ladder were a few pools that came about thigh-high on both of us.  Then there were more waterfalls and pretty rocks and the canyon stayed narrow to the second ladder--if you can call it that.  That second one was a bit sketchy, there was a few steps and then a log to walk on.  Some rope and webbing along the rock wall was there to help you make your way across the slippery rocks right in the waterway but even that looked sketchy, the rope was core-shot and some of the webbing fraying as well.  The canyon opened up pretty soon after that, I think less than 50 yards maybe.

I loved the hike, and definitely will be revisiting it with my family as soon as I can.


Britnee said...

Looks beautiful! And those ladders look fun! I love climbing up ladders through rocks. Makes me feel like a kid on a playground. :) I've been wanting to go to Kanarra, but didn't make it before we left Utah, so I'll have to do it for sure when we get back!

Luke Smith said...

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